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Core Talent is bringing together talented actors and like minded creative individuals in the UK and Internationally. Core is affordable and dedicated to increase your chances of getting noticed. Once you’re a member you will become part of the Core Talent Community. Members will be rewarded for answering questions and supporting our services by referrals, actors, directors, producers or production crew. Our team have over 20 years experience in Media combined. Core cannot promise or guarantee results however we can guarantee our platform will assist you in your challenge. Exciting new roles in Film and Television will be casted via Core Talent every month. Core identified a gap in the market for many young talented actors, directors, film producers, in search of an agent. We accept members regardless of whether you have a current agent or not and if you don't, make sure you apply with Core for representation.

CoreTalent Vision
We aim to provide a service which is affordable, efficient, user friendly that will get you noticed via a more bespoke service. By offering you greater resources this will naturally increase your chances. Via the Core Talent Community we hope to fill a gap in the market, and provide you the opportunity and techniques to create the person you desire to be, show us your talent, record your own three minute sketch and add your link for agents to see. Grow with Core and we will grow with you...

As a fully paid member you will receive a regular newsletter, casting tips, and access to casting directors and agents more easily. We accept members regardless of whether you have a current agent or not, providing you name your agent that you are contracted to; on your profile.