Jonson D'Angelo


Jonson D'Angelo

CountryUnited Kingdom

I am a female Writer/Director. I was born in Philadelphia USA, but grew up in Belfast, N.Ireland.  

My career in commercials began as a Production Assistant working for Harry Monk Limited in the late 1990's, from there I went onto Media Circus as Head of Production.

In early 2000 I started my own Production Company called JJ Stereo Limited 

It was there I wrote, directed and produced over 150 Music TV commercials, numerous promos and was responsible for some of the most successful television campaigns for artists such as Blue, Scissor Sisters, George Benson, Anita Baker, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Jones, and Jools Holland, to name but a few. I also directed and produced two documentaries on Jools Holland and Tom Jones.

In December 2005 I resigned as Creative Director of JJ Stereo Limited to pursue my passion and desire for film-making.

To-date I have written two short film scripts entitled ‘Jenny’, based on a poem by Ella Blake (aged 12 at the time of writing) . The film is a dark, funny, but cautionary modern day – it tells the life of a young 14 year olds girl addiction to clothing labels, and her ultimate demise.  The film stars Richard O’Brien (voice over), Lorcan O’Toole, Camille Coduri and Alfie Allen, and Katharine Ingle.

My second short -  ‘Your Number’s Up’, was backed by award winning Trevor Beattie (Moon) and Produced by Karlene Page of Big Hug Limited - it stars Patrica Quinn (Rocky Horror Show), and is a funny tale of loneliness in a politically divided Belfast - that is still very prominent today.

‘Your Number’s Up’ premiered on April 24th 2010 at the Belfast Film Festival, Northern Ireland and also Official Selection at Foyles International  Film Festival.

I am currently in development with two features film, and hope to be in full production by Summer 2012.

YNU  -Official Selection at:

Foyles Intl. Film Festival

Belfast Intl. Film Festival.

Jenny – Winner of Third Screen Film Festival

Best Short Action Drama 2010

Winner – Greater Columbus Intl Film Festival 2010

Official Selection at:

LA Shorts

Beverly Hills Film Festival

Newport Beach Film Festival

Palm Beach International Film Festival

Riverside Film Festival

Philadelphia International Film Festival

Cape Fear Independent Film Festival


2010, Jenny- Short film-Writer/Director
2010, Your Numbers Up-Short Film-Writer/Director
2010, Rihanna (Te Amo)-Producer-Rebel State
2010, Kayne West & Mr Hudson (Anyone But Him)-Producer-Rebel State
2010, Jayz & Mr Hudson(Young Forever)-Producer-Rebel State
2008, Jools Holland and Friends DVD-Director-Warner Music TV
2008, Bryan Adams -Director-Polydor Music
2008, Nelly Furtardo-Director-Polydor Music
2008, Keisha White-Director-Polydor Music
2008, Tom Jones & Jools Holland-Director-Warner Music
2008, Tony Henry-Director-Warner Music
2007, Chilled Ibiza-Director-Warner Music
2007, “Ave It”-Director-Warner Music TV
2007, Jools Holland and Friends (1, 2, & 3)-Director-Rhino Music
2007, Hairbrush Divas (1, 2, & 3)-Director-Warner Music TV
2007, Urban Dance Explosion-Director-Warner Music TV
2007, Base, Breaks and Beats-Director-Warner Music TV
2007, Boom Selection-Director-Warner Music TV