Dessy Tenekedjieva

Actress, Singer

Dessy Tenekedjieva

Playing Age:31 - 41
Nationality:Bulgarian, Jewish
Ethnicity:Mixed Race
Hair Colour:Dark Brown
Eye Colour:Green
Body Type:Thin
Height5' 7'' / 171cm
Native Language:Bulgarian
Languages:English, Italian, French, Russian, Bulgarian
Native Accent:Bulgarian
Accents:Italian, French, Russian

Dessy Tenekedjieva is a famous bulgarian actress, singer and producer. Born in Varna, she was only fourtreen years old when she made her film debut. Since then, Dessy has more than 30 movies, including international productions, and has presented Bulgaria at important world cinema forums and festivals. As Maria Medici in the film ll Mestiere Delle Armi, directed by world famous director Ermanno Olmi, Dessy is the first Bulgarian actress to present her country at the most prestigious world film fest in Cannes, with a main role in a movie from the official selection at the fest. 

Dessy Tenekedjieva has participated in some of the cult contemporary theatre spectacles, like "Three Sisters" by Anton Chekhov, directed by Stoyan Kambarev and "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov, directed by Teddy Moskov.

Dessy Tenekedjieva has a very successful career in music as well. Her music videos climbed to the top of the television and radio charts. She has produced and directed her own videos and her last one had its MTV premiere recently. Her new music project is the album "Crazy Butterfly". 

Dessy Tenekedjieva is a Goodwill Ambassador for Youth for Human Rights International and was the official spokesperson for the fashion house of Jean Paul Gaultier and for the Japanese giant Suzuki

Dessy Tenekedjieva
Dessy Tenekedjieva
Dessy Tenekedjieva


Il Mestiere Delle Armi (Official Selection Cannes International Film Festival 2001) - Maria Salviati Medici
Eyes of Crystal (Official Selection Venice International Film Festival 2004) - Valeria
Chechenia, Leonardo Julliano
Killer Rats, film, Tibor Takach (USA) - Sypress
Home Coming, Stoyan Kambarev - Ruth
The Most Important Things, Ivan Andonov (Bulgaria) - Mellinda
Versenjetorics, Jacques Dorfmann (France/Canada)
The Watcher, Ivailo Djambazov (Bulgaria)
Operation Delta Force 4: Deep Fault, Mark Roper (USA)
Deep Crack, Mark Rupert (USA)
Profondo Nel Cuore, Luigi Perelly
Criminal Chronicles, Plamen Maslarov (Bulgaria)
I Want to Break Free, LLian Djevelekov (Golden Rose Award for Best Short Film at Varna International Film Festival)
The Big Game, Seymon Aranovich (Russia)
The Camp, Georgi Dyulgerov (Bulgaria)
Forbidden for Adults, Plamen Maslarov

TV Films
Dunav Bridge, Ivan Andonov - 7 Series Film, BNT
A Hospital of the Third Floor, Nikolay Akimov - TV series, BNT
Deep, Damian Petrov - BNT
Daddy's New Car, Ivaylo Draganov - BNT
Five Rooms, Nelly Andreeva - BNT
The Street, Stefan Moskov - TV show, BNT (Award of the Critics, Montreal International Festival)

Three Sisters (Sofia Drama Theatre, Stoyan Kambarev) - Natasha
The Master and Margarita (La Strada Theatre, Michael Bulgakov) - Hela, Margarita (The Theatre Behind the Channel Sofia, Boyko Bogdanov) - The Student
Ana's Subway (Anton Donchev) - Ana

Actor Awards
2011 - Woman of the Year
2011 - Gold Medal YHRI
2008 - Nomination for Woman of the Year (Art Selection)
2008 - The NICKE Celebrity Award for Winner of the Year
2006 - Bulgarian Critics Award (Natasha, Three Sisters)
2001 - Best Actress Award at the National Theatre Festival
1999 - Best Young Bulgarian Actress Award
1995 - Best Actress in a Student Films Festival in Varna