J.C. Mac


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J.C. Mac

CountryUnited Kingdom
Playing Age:41 - 47
Ethnicity:Caucasian \ White
Hair Colour:Dark Brown
Eye Colour:Brown
Body Type:Atheletic
Height5' 10'' / 178cm
Native Language:English
Native Accent:British
Accents:American-New York, American-Standard, Belfast, Birmingham, Cockney, East Anglian, Essex, London, Norfolk

Performance: Singer (Professional)

Interests/Skills: Athletics, Boxing, Darts, Fishing, Football, Horse-riding, Martial Arts, Running, Snooker, Stage Combat, Composer, Improvisation 

License: Car, Motorcycle

JC Mac is a leading British actor based in Hollywood. Born in London, his acting talent first came to the attention of his school teachers. Later on, he undertook extensive acting training at 'The City Literature Institute', 'The Impulse Theatre Company (Meisner)' and 'The Actors Centre' in London and has been working regularly for the last 15 years in many award winning movies.

JC has starred in several cool British feature films, including '10 Dead Men', 'Stagknight', 'New Town Original' and 'Requiem for Tomorrow' that was shot entirely using CGI technology in Bavaria Germany and not to mention BAFTA nominated 'Winner Takes All' which he also wrote and produced. JC attended the Cannes film festival in 2009 to help promote three films that he was starring in showing there. Including the multiaward winning '45',and 'Left Holding Baby' and the political thriller '31 North 62 East' which also stars John Rhys-Davies and Mariner Sirtis. This eagerly awaited Special Forces political feature was theatrically released to rave reviews and has just been released on DVD.

JC then relocated to Hollywood, as this was the optimum time to take the next step in his career and continues mastering his craft with Hollywood's most respected coaches including Ivana Chubbuck, Margie Haber and accent expert Bob Corff.


J.C. Mac
J.C. Mac
J.C. Mac


2011, Feature Film, Charles Burn (Lead role), STAR POWER, Van Alden Pictures, James Van Alden
2011, Feature Film, Harry Anderson, SPANNERS, Jonathan Maas
2011, Feature Film, Kerwitch, MEANING, 0 Degree films
2011, Feature Film, The Englishman, CROSSROADS, Why Not Productions, Rydell Danzie
2011 Visible Scars, film - James Photographer
2011 Futch Tube, TV Series - Mac
2011 1000 Ways to Die, TV Series - Bar Room Brawler
2011 Hit the Big Time, TV series - Cooper
2011 L.A. Paranormal, film - John London
2010 You Kill Me, short - Bill
2010 Journey Into The Unknown, short - Michael
2009 Scaranna, video - James
2009 A Geek Walks into a Pub, short - Geek
2009 31 North, 62 East - Private Frank Matthews
2009 45, short - Jaden
2009 Three Pints of Beer, short - Old Man
2008 CelebAir, TV series - Himself
2008 Conversations with Dead Men, Documentary - Himself
2009 Hit the Big Time, short - Cooper
2008 Ten Dead Men - Parker
2007 Stagknight - Wolf
2007 Left Holding Baby, short - Dad
2007 Are You Ready For Love - Mick
2006 fiXers - Clause
2006 The Xtra Factor, TV series - Himself
2005 The X Factor, TV series - Himself
2001 This Morning, TV series - Himself
2000 London's Burning, TV series - Rico
1998 Hale and Pace, TV series - Roger the Lover
1997 Family Affairs, TV series - Troy
1995 Porkpie, TV series - Jo