Lara Dorée


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Lara Dorée

CountryUnited Kingdom
Playing Age:22 - 34
Hair Colour:Dark Brown
Eye Colour:Brown
Height5' 5'' / 165cm
Native Language:English
Native Accent:London
Accents:American-Standard, Cockney, Dublin, RP

Lara Dorée has trained at Caravonserai Acting Studio & Productions Ltd., The London Method Studio (Acting, 2 years), and has a BA in Theatre and Profossional Practise.

Music and Dance: Aerobics, Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dancing, Mezzo-Soprano, Tap

Performance: Role Play, Voice Over

Sports: Bowling, Horse-riding, Ice Skating, Rollerblading, Running, Sailing, Swimming*, Tennis, Trampoline, Wind Surfing

Other Skills/Interests: Drama Workshop Leader, Improvisation


Lara Dorée
Lara Dorée
Lara Dorée


2010, Stage, Anooshe, CITIZEN ERASED , The Etcetera, Mara Lockowandt
2010, Stage, Dancer, MISS JULIE, The Arcola, Nick Bruckman
2009, Stage, Lea , MY SISTER IN THIS HOUSE, Acquire Arts, Zoe Lafferty
2009, Stage, Dumaha's Mother, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL, The Tristan Bates Theatre, Giles Foreman
2008, Stage, Faye Hinkle , SKUNK SMOKERS OF HERMAN NEBRASKA, Pentameters/Edinburgh, Alex Walport
2007, Stage, Seven Deadly Sins, DR FAUSTAUS, The Bridewell Theatre, Gile Forman
2004, Stage, Rebecca , WHAT IF, Activate Tour, Michael Fry
2004, Stage, Hippolyta, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, The Ellen Terry Theatre, Michael Fry
2002, Stage, Procne, TALES OF OVID, The Ellen Terry Theatre, Ruth Carney
2001, Stage, Carol, SHAKERS, The James Theatre, Paul Newman
2001, Stage, Mary Mcginty, ONCE A CATHOILIC, Watford Palace Theatre, Jo Girdlestone
2001, Stage, Mary Warren, THE CRUCIBLE, The James Theatre, Armaana Ahmad