Beatrice Fiora


Beatrice Fiora

CountryUnited Kingdom
Playing Age:18 - 24
Ethnicity:Caucasian \ White
Hair Colour:Light Brown
Eye Colour:Blue
Body Type:Petite / Small
Height5' 4'' / 163cm

My name is Beatrice Fiora and I am an Italian 15-years-old who is currently studying and living in London. My career as a model started in Italy when I was about 6-years old. There, I worked for various agencies and brands. I started with Belle e Pupe in 2003, in Milan. Through that agency, I got to take part of a photoshoot for an outlet magazine in Italy. I then continued my modelling career working for an agency called Moda Moda' in 2005, and I modelled for Armani. I got the chance to work both as a runway model and as a magazine model, too. Then, a few years later, in 2012, I worked as a model for Models Direct. I then started my career as an actress by taking part of two different projects, in 2013: 'Crypt', a horror movie by Coppola Productions, and 'Hereafter', a sci-fi thriller by The Multiuniverse. I am looking forward to continuing my career both as a model and as an actress.

Beatrice Fiora
Beatrice Fiora
Beatrice Fiora


Belle e Pupe (2003) - (Model)
Rinascente di Milano (2004) - (Magazine Model)
Moda Moda' (2005) - (Model)
Armani (2006) - (Runway Model)
Armani (2006) - (Magazine Model)
Models Direct (2012) - (Model)
Hereafter (2013) - (Role - Sister)
Crypt (2013) - (Role - Guardian)